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Comments F.A.Q.

Comments require an email address, which creates a unique user account. This is done for a few specific reasons and explanations:

  1. To help prevent and identify spam easily.
  2. To help protect your commenting handle and abuse from others.
  3. If there is any problem, need to change or remove, you can simply email me and I can perform any task.

Highscore Challenge Rules

Our highscore board system is hand-curated, where every score is reviewed via video capture - whether posted online, emailed or transferred to This board is run for fun, open to the public. Video submissions are required due to many games having trainers or cheats.

If you introduce a highscore challenge, you must either: email in a video marked with some sort of ownership mark, brand or identifier, clearly signifying its your, such as (a) using the game's own highscore table, or (b) on piece of paper or post-it note (NOT an edit via image-editing software but something clearly unique as signature) showing your handle/name tag in photo in video or recording.

Videos will be linked if public and online (and verified by RETROBYTES staff).Once verified, your score will be updated on the board. (b) Or make a video establishing the first score! You are welcome to introduce new games to the RETROBYTES leaderboard system in either manner.

Recording/posting a video of entire gameplay and final score:

Capturing video is very easy today, here are some tips: [if you are reading this i am updating now! literally - now!]


Platforms of Special Interest

What are small-format games?