1983 : Frogger (C64) [Chuck Benton Disk Version]

Program Details:

  • Published: Sierra Online
  • Graphics/Design: Charles Benton
  • Code: Charles Benton
  • Music: unknown
  • Genre: Arcade
  • Controls: Keyboard/Joystick 2
  • Players: 1p
  • # of Disks: 1


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"The Official" Frogger, "Chuck Benton Disk release" from Sierra Online. This is my favorite all-time version of Frogger. It is imbued with bit part classic-eternal nostalgia representing the early era of the Commodore 64, as well a being fantastic on its merit and polish. The graphics may appear on the rustic side to some, but I love appearance, feel, the smooth precise movement, minimalism and delightful music soundtrack, which makes this one the most appealing in my book. Frogger is probably best well known and was widely played on the Atari 2600 or budget arcade choice, and entering the C64 years, this may have even lost its cutting edge appeal - It's hard-to-remember these days. But I remember and still view this version after decades as bit quirky and still suprisingly fun. This 100% my pick for Frogger, the version I still care to play and oddly don't find boring at all. The coding and graphic by Benton are just great for my tastes and fill a cement footprint in the proverbial pavement of Commdore 64s early gaming historical pantheon of classic games or ports, at least in my view.

Also, one of the very few games (and I really can't think of any others off-hand) where I actually prefer the keyboard controls and do better with the simple 4-key movement! Perhaps there's an underlying subconscious breadbox factor involved in this personal preference. Did I say the music is gem material with a carnival-esque first part melodically morphing into a Yankee-Doodle Dandy variant. 1p. Keyboard recommended. Charles Benton was the man behind BC's Quest for Tires. -Mo


  • F1 = Start Game; F3 = Toggle Fast/Slow; F5 = Toggle Music; F7 = Toggle Pause


  • All 5 frogs in the goal: 1000 points
  • Bringing back a green female frog on log to start position: 200 points
  • Frog in the goal with toad: 200 points
  • Frog in the goal with fly: 200 points
  • Frog in the goal: 50 points
  • Forward jump: 10 points
  • In the goal for each time unit left: 5 points
  • Passing every 5th level: extra life


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