1984 : Expedition Amazon (C64)

Program Details:

  • Published: Penguin (Polarware)
  • Graphics/Design: -
  • Code: Willard Phillips
  • Music: none
  • Genre: Adventure/RPG
  • Controls: Keyboard
  • Players: 1p
  • # of Disks: 1


A fantastic adventure rpg-lite game where you "fly-in" 4 crew members (each assigned roles and unique abilities: field assistant; media; radio operator; guard) from Texas and then set out to successfully map, treasure hunt, conquer a crypt and the Amazon's occult secrets. Teammates are replaceable and rely on an interesting, unorthodox health meter that can be permanently affected by disease and the wear of the jungle. Your team can visit a village for supplies and aid in Iquitos, Peru before setting of into the jungles. Adversaries are almost anything you can think of that exists in the jungle INCLUDING Mayan Jaguar Priests in the modern day. Interesting 3 decades later after this game was released, the Tomb of the Serpent Jaguar Priests, in which this story and setting relates was discovered. For me, a game I remember tinkering with as a youth but quickly passed by, but as a middle-aged adult Expedition Amazon has become an instant new favorite after putting in a few hours. Highly Recommended "lost classic." -Mo

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