2017 : Space Junk (ZX Spectrum)

Program Details:

  • Published: 2017, Miguetelo Art
  • Graphics/Design: Miguel Ángel Tejedor López
  • Code: Jonathan Cauldwell (AGD)
  • Music: Miguel Ángel Tejedor López (48k), David Saphier (128k)
  • Genre: Maze, Puzzle, Shooter
  • Controls: Keyboard, Kempston & Sinclair Joysticks
  • Players: 1p
  • # of Cassettes: 1


I love this Speccy game from Miguetelo Art. I am sure it has something to do with a pinch or two of nostalgia but actually greatly appeals to my current mindset and craving for clever little games, coffee break puzzlers, although chromed-out with a cool concept and story behind them. Throw in some great simple Speccy sound effects (shooting, bouncey) that acts like a pheromone to my vintage gaming experience mind's eye - and I cannot resist. Being a Yankee-doodle-commodore dude from back in the day, Space Junk oddly reminds me of some odd 'interstellar' experiences, perhaps like Parallax meets Paradroid in aesthetic, otherwordly. But this is certainly the true reflection of a pure ZX Spectrum game to my eyes, in its glorious simplicity.

The plot here is that cosmic or satellite signal has caused the galaxy's robots and machines to go ape, haywire, and violent. You're job is via your small fleet of fighters to infiltrate several bases and decommission all rogues, restore order before they decommission you and the human race. The game mechanic is basically utilizing axis points to position and align your craft in order to blast various generator node points. The problem is that all machines are invulnerable to your attacks, with the expection of Cyan-color-coded units, which can be disabled temporarily apparently. It is truly curious why this game all-inclusive, with aesthetic and especially sound fx, appeals to me so much. All I can say is that this is 100% a contemporary favorite (but so old-school) and that it flips my switch: one that I MUST complete to the end!


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